How to Choose the Right Ghillie Suit

Being the ultimate camouflage tool, there’s no end to variations of ghillie suit for sale. You can take your pick from designs that range between leaves and twigs to moss and mud. But if you’ve got your heart set on buying a suit of your own, take some time to figure out which type best suits your needs. It’s more than just about getting the best size.

Color and Texture

Ghillie suits camouflage the wearer by disrupting the human form and mimicking the colors of the surrounding environment. Using this alone, you are able to gather a few of the factors involved with selecting a great suit–apart from getting one that fits, you need to find the color and vegetation that will match the terrain you anticipate to be on. A leafy green foliage is not planning to be much aid in a desert environment that is predominantly yellows and browns.

Should you feel you need to mimic an environment more accurately, feel free to get a ghillie suit kit and customize the suit accordingly.



It is additionally vital to get a ghillie suit that fits your strategy. If you intend to be sitting, stalking, or squatting, the ghillie poncho is an excellent option. This design keeps covers the body while still allowing your legs freedom of movement-very important if you intend to move quickly from one location to a different, as in paintball or airsoft.

On one other hand, you’ll want different things if you plan to lie prone or crawl on the ground. Ponchos are not suitable because they have a tendency to bunch up and enter the way. Your very best option is a fitted 2-piece suit, made up of matching jacket and pants.


Whichever option you select, search for suit that will give you a specific level of comfort. If you intend on crawling, consider choosing suits which can be padded in front to create lying on the ground more comfortable. Also, to be able to avoid accidents when crawling or moving through foliage, consider using Velcro on your suit rather than zippers or buttons. Similarly, select ones which can be lined with pockets on the inside. You do not want your suit to catch on twigs and make unnecessary noise as you move.

Also, think about the weight of your outfit. Ghillie suits can weigh as light as 2 lbs or as heavy as 10 lbs. You can pile plenty of foliage on your suit, however the trade-off is that a heavy outfit can be taxing on the body over a long amount of time. Specifically, if you’re new to combat simulations like paintball and airsoft, you may want to pick suits created from light-weight material, in order to not tire you out while you’re running.

In addition it pays to pick suits which can be water-resistant. When moisture, like rain or morning dew, gets absorbed by your outfit, it may significantly increase the weight of your ghillie suit and wear you out sooner.


Ghillie suits offer an incredible advantage in stealth, but you are able to still do more to improve your camouflage.

Firstly, make sure you have the ability to disguise your gear. The ghillie suit won’t work if you have a backpack or canteen hanging from the outfit. Take time to hide these items as well. Paint your gun with matte paint. For your rifle, you are able to opt to utilize ghillie camouflage, which appears like a long sleeve that covers most of your weapon.

If your suit does not need a hood for your head, you can buy a ghillie hat to perform your disguise.

Lastly, ensure your skin is not visible through your ghillie suit. Pale skin is easily observed in sunlight or bright moonlight. Apply camo paint on the hands and face, taking care to create it resemble the shadows of leaves. Don’t forget to paint your lips in particular, as these have a tendency to stand out quite well.

Additional options you can have are suits which can be washable, scentless, water-resistant and non-allergenic.


As mentioned, it can be extremely hot in the ghillie suit, particularly when your activities involve running, as in paintball. The interior of a suit is often as hot as 50 C (120 F). Games won’t be the maximum amount of fun when you’re dying from heat stroke, so ensure your ghillie suit provides enough ventilation for the body. And don’t forget to have some water in a sack when you’re playing.

Finally, remember that ghillie suit shop are naturally flammable-those made from burlap in particular. Accidental burnings are not such a problem for hunting of milsim games like paintball, but is just a real danger in military operations where grenades and other explosives are used. Before purchasing, ask if the suit has a fire retardant, or if you need to apply it yourself.